The newest champion to join League of Legends is Gwen, a reanimated doll that seems to be given life thanks to Viego’s death-defying magic. Gwen was first revealed with a teaser video last week, and Riot released her full kit on Tuesday. She looks to be a brawler who’s tough to lock down.

Gwen’s kit should be pretty familiar to longtime League players. She’s an Ability Power bruiser who isn’t afraid to get up close and personal with her enemies. Her giant scissor weapon allows her to do extra damage based on a percentage of her health, and most of her abilities heal her, at least a little bit.

Her most unique, and possibly highest impact, ability is her W, called Hallowed Mist. Hallowed Mist creates an area around Runes Gwen that gives her some extra armor and magic resistance, and more importantly makes her immune to all attacks from champions outside of the Mist. This means if her opponents want to fight Gwen, they’ll have to risk getting in close range with her.

Gwen will likely hit League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment sometime within the next few times, then make her way into the live match following two weeks of testing. Until then, here is a peek whatsoever her skills.


Gwen’s fundamental attacks bargain incentive on-hit magic harm based on a proportion of her wellness. Fundamental strikes against winners will cure her to get a number of the damage dealt.


Gwen immediately snips her claws between two and six times, coping magic harm in a cone. At minimum, Gwen will snip twice, including one snip per fundamental assault Gwen has landed in an enemy (around four for a total of six). Enemies at the middle of every snip take true harm, in addition to the incentive magic harm from Thousand Cuts.


Gwen twists up the Hallowed Mist to encircle her for five minutes, obtaining some armor and magical fight when inside. Enemies away from the Mist can’t target Gwen or reach with any skills. The mist will proceed to accompany Gwen the very first time she attempts to leave it, but will dissipate another moment.


Gwen dashes a brief space and enables her attacks with greater range, rate, and on-hit magical damage for four moments. Attacking an enemy in this time refunds 50 percent of the capability’s cooldown.


Gwen can throw Needlework around three occasions, but wants to hit on an enemy over eight seconds to unlock every succeeding throw. Each throw fires needles at a lineup that deal magic harm, slow enemies, and then employ Gwen’s Thousand Cuts bonus magical harm. The very first cast will fire 1 needle, the next will fire , along with the last cast will fire , for a total of nine two and needles software of Thousand Cuts to enemies struck.