Digital marketing is one of the key components of online marketing which uses web and online technologies like desktop computers, hand held devices, mobile phones and various other online media and technologies like social networking and websites to advertise products and services in the market. Digital marketing also includes online promotions of sales of products and services through email marketing, e-mail marketing, text message marketing, banner advertisement and pay per click advertisement. The main advantage of using digital marketing is that it helps in promoting a business in a cheaper manner than print media, television, and radio. The cost of advertising in print media is high, whereas the cost of advertising over the Internet is relatively low. It also provides quick results for businesses through faster return on investment.

However, with the advent of various new technologies and more vibrant marketing ideas, digital marketing has been giving a tough competition to various traditional marketing campaigns. There are many advantages of using digital marketing to enhance a business. It is less expensive and is capable of providing quick results. Digital marketing can be executed on a smaller budget when compared to traditional marketing campaigns through offline media like television, radio and newspaper.

There are various digital channels for online marketing. These include social media which provides various ways for getting your message across to a large number of people. Social media also allows easy tracking of your audience, making it easier to target potential customers. Another digital channel is website promotion, which generally involves search engine optimization (SEO) of popular websites so that they appear high in results of search engines. This is done by creating back links to popular websites so that they get increased traffic and potential customers.

There are various other digital channels including pay per click advertising and content advertising through RSS feeds. Other digital channels include display advertising through websites, blogs, podcasts, podcasts and video sharing channels. These digital channels are capable of delivering highly targeted content that converts better than regular television and radio advertising. When compared to offline media, these channels have a higher return on investment (ROI).