The Power of Intent

Every relationship starts with intent. Uncertain of your intention in dealings with me makes it difficult for me to trust you. Rich people are more likely to doubt the intentions of their partners and friends when they are being kind to them. It is the most important factor in determining how others perceive you.

Research shows that the first impressions are made when you assess two factors. These are (1) your intent and (2) your competency. But, they are done in a sequential order. It is always the intent that is evaluated. Networking, sales, customer service and negotiating are all examples of the power that comes from intent.


Your ability to stay connected in today’s hyperconnected world will greatly depend on your network. Smart people constantly build their network with Burnaby Sign Company. This does not mean attending formal functions. It means making sure everyone around them knows what they do, and that they are eager to refer business to them. It all depends on what your intention is. People will quickly forget about you if you are merely trying to make a profit and get the business they want. If they perceive that you are offering genuine service and not seeking a return, they will be happy to refer your business.


Negotiators of the past had the intention to make the best deal possible for themselves. Negotiators of the new style are determined to find a deal for both the other side and for themselves. This negotiation style creates real value and adds value to both sides.

Sales and Customer Service

People are prone to recall the worst salespersons. Customers want their salespeople to have a different role. Instead of being a source for information, customers want them to be a sorter. This will help them make sense out of the many claims, counter-claims specifications, and special offers. 

A customer who perceives that the salesperson is there to help them make a buying decision will be more inclined to trust them and eventually buy from them. It is frustrating how often customer service staff tell us that they are trying to get rid. If customers feel that you want to help them, they’ll be loyal for a lifetime and may even become raving supporters.

Recently, a friend needed to buy a hospital room bed for his mother who was ill. After getting excellent advice from staff members at one of the specialty shops selling these types of beds, he made his purchase. He was a businessman and these beds are quite expensive so he inquired if there was a cheaper option. Surprised, he was shocked to hear that she knew there would be a government subsidy. 

She gave him contact information so he could learn more. When he checked, he found that he was eligible at 90% subsidy. However, this was only if he bought the bed from a specific outlet and not the one he had previously visited. He returned to the store feeling guilty. She said that she knew that the subsidised mattress would not be sold at her store. He was stunned. “But, I wanted to make sure you got the best deal,” she stated. 

Some may argue that she should not have spoken out and made the sale, and he wouldn’t have known about this subsidy. She turned him into a champion for her store because he is a highly connected businessman with many community contacts. Referral business is a great way to make a lot more money than any profit from selling one bed. All this is possible because of the power behind intent.